• Transportation Solutions
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  • Digital Signage Player
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  • RISC-Based Embedded Solutions
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  • Creating a Smart Classroom
  • New technological tools are helping school systems overcome today’s educational challenges.
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  • IBASE Advances Video Wall Technology
  • SignaturePro SP-63E 24-Port Video Wall Signage Player offers breakthrough capability powered by Intel Arria 10 FPGA modules.
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  • Depending on Data
  • Businesses are increasingly reliant on instant access to data, but managing the flow can be a challenge without the right equipment.
  • New Video Wall Players Simplify Deployment
  • Video walls are one of the most powerful communication methods in the marketplace, and new technology is making it easy for nearly any deployer to take advantage of their effectiveness.
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  • The 4K Revolution Driving Advances in Playback Technology
  • New robust fanless media players are delivering the best in
    true 4K graphics performance
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  • Internet of Things Solutions for Railways
  • This paper outlines some of the innovations that we may see in the railways - and in particular on board trains - and the features of the electronic hardware that will be needed to deliver these kinds of services.
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  • Outdoor-Ready Tech Offers Growth Opportunities
  • Outdoor digital signage is demonstrating its worth, but it takes
    technology designed for use in a wide range of conditions to ensure
    that signage operates properly.
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  • The Next Step in Video Wall Technology
  • While systems for controlling video walls have suffered either from lower-than-desired resolution or high operating costs, there are solutions coming on the market that are designed to address both of those issues.
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  • Developments in Digital Signage Players
  • Digital signage continues to develop at breakneck speed, with changes driven by increased awareness in the market regarding the benefits of its use in applications such as retail, transport, hospitality and government.
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  • Digital Signage for Vehicles
  • Cars, trucks and buses long have served as a forum for advertising. Featuring a wide-operating temperature range from -40°C to 75°C and 6V to 32V wide-range DC input, the SE-92 digital signage player is built for harsh environments in outdoor and in-vehicle applications.
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  • Digital Signage: The Communication Revolution Continues
  • The IBASE SI-83 Digital Signage Player Moves Digital Signage to the Forefront of Sophisticated Message Delivery and Interaction.
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  • Outdoor Placement Brings Excitement and New Opportunities to Digital Signage
  • The IBASE IDOOH-210-IR Outdoor Panel PC Can Deliver Your Targeted Messages Flawlessly Out-of-Doors 24-Hours a Day, Even in Harsh Weather Conditions.
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  • OPS Drives a New Breed of Media Players
  • The Intel Open Pluggable Specification is opening new possibilities for digital signage deployments and lowering total cost of ownership.
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  • Curing the Clutter
  • Centralized computing offers a way for health care facilities to cut costs, improve patient satisfaction and increase the security of patient information.
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SI-654-N 8K Digital Signage Player IBASE AIER1000 Series AI Education Solutions IBASE Powerful Industrial AIoT Solutions

SI-654-N 8K 数字广告牌播放系统
广积智慧教育解决方案  广积智能交通解决方案
IBASE Powerful Industrial AIoT Solutions IBASE Powerful Industrial AIoT Solutions DRD-037-PC Double-Side Bar-Type Panel PC

广积 MPT-1000 系列


DRD-037-PC 双面长条型屏幕
IBASE Intelligent Intel-Based Platforms for Smart Retail Applications IBASE SMART FACTORY APPLICATIONS MAI602-M4D80 Fanless Motion Control System
MAI602-M4D80 运动控制专用无风扇
IP68 Waterproof Digital Signage Player for Outdoor Applications SI-30S 6X3 Video Wall Player AMD Ryzen 3000 Series Processors FWA8708 1U Rack-mountable Network Appliance  
SW-101-N 户外专用IP68防水数字广告牌系统
SI-30S AMD Ryzen™ 3000 系列
WA8700 1U 机架式网络系统
IP65 Rated Waterproof Panel PCs for Smart Retail Applications FWA9500 2U Network Computing Appliance with Dual Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors  
UPC 系列智能零售专用
IP65 防水型触控屏幕

FWA9500 2U 机架式网络系统
AGS系列 嵌入式IoT Gateway无风扇网关系统
FWA8800 1U 机架式网络系统
SE-102-N 户外专用数字广告牌播放系统
SI-324 4K 数字广告牌播放系统
广积第7代Intel Core 智能IIoT解决方案
SI-61S 电视墙数字广告牌播放系统
MPT系列 - 轨道/车载专计算机系统
广积第6代Intel Core(Skylake架构)解决方案
SI-623-N 3x 4K 数字广告牌播放系统
FWA6706系列 - 网络通讯解决方案
SI-313 3x 4K 数字广告牌播放系统
AMS300系列 - 扩充型模块化无风扇系统
SI-613 3x 4K 数字广告牌播放系统
SI-60E 8K电视墙专用播放系统
广积Intel Pentium/Celeron N3000 系列解决方案
广积第5代Intel Core(Broadwell架构)解决方案
广积Intel Bay Trail架构解决方案


iCONTROL Utility Observer Utility  
iCONTROL Utility Observer Utility  


Besides the above two software utilities, IBASE also offers the SDK listed below that you can integrate into your applications.  Please contact your IBASE representative for access to the SDK materials.


This SDK allows software engineers to get/set the GPIO to control the external hardware equipment or enable the watchdog to reset the system when the operating system or application crashes.

* Supported operating systems: [Windows/Linux]

Hardware Monitoring

This SDK enables the reading of system hardware information (temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages).

* Supported operating systems: [Windows/Linux]


iSMART was developed by IBASE and provides functions such as the auto-power on/off scheduler, flexible power failure resumption, and temperature guardian. This SDK provides the method to help software engineers program the auto-power on/off scheduler feature and redefine it.

* Supported operating system: [Windows]


IBASE provides custom BIOS solution to each client. Customers can embed a specific message (e.g. customer ID or software digital signature) into the system BIOS, which can be read by this SDK to ensure the software is running on designated hardware only.

* Supported operating system: [Windows]